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Executive and Performance Coaching

'Practical and Sensitive'
Mirador worked closely with Sussex and Surrey Probation Service during the radical transition to private ownership. We offered pragmatic and supportive individual coaching to the Senior Team and support staff. The challenge to balance offering practical support for dealing with change, plus allowing 'space' for people to think and explore potential next steps.

Assessment Centres

'Pragmatic and Insightful'
Mirador designed and delivered a half day Assessment Centre as part of an Executive Potential Pathway within Financial Sector. Our participants were highly experienced, qualified and senior people, so we needed to provide a practical experience rooted in the business which gave sufficient 'stretch'.

Training and Development

'Focus on taking control'
Our brief was to run short sessions to identify, support and equip managers to deal with pressure before it reaching critical point and becoming stress. In particular, getting to grips with difficult situations that trigger stress for themselves and others. We achieved this by giving people the opportunity to discuss their situations - understanding how they happen, how to take control and how to apply simple tools and techniques.

'Involving Webinars'
Kay has been working closely with LiveTime Learning, delivering short, sharp shots of learning through involving 20 minute webinars. In addition, have project managed the design and development of many 2 hour Virtual Classrooms covering a range of topics for the Business School of a major international consultancy firm.

Leader and Management Development

'Self-paced Innovative Learning'
Development of a series of self-paced and interactive learning materials to support newly appointed supervisors and managers. Rolling out globally for a well-known hotel group. The challenge was to design enjoyable, quick activities to fit in with daily work demands, be culturally neutral and provide maximum learning.

'Crisp and practical'
Kay headed a small co-design team to develop a Leadership and Development Framework for senior and middle managers for a consumer rights organisation. From identifying core competencies, to developing specific indicators to engaging and communicating to embedding. The framework has been well received. It has articulated what is required of leaders and given practical guidance on the best ways to develop excellence.

'Involving, well-crafted materials'
Kay headed a small team of learning an development consultants to develop engaging Leading Change pilot materials for a social learning platform aimed at senior managers. This included the design and full production of a variety of videos, animations, slide decks with voice overs, questionnaires, one page handouts etc . The pilot involved ensuring all materials were produced on- brand and on time, as well as the engagement and facilitation of communities of practice. 90%+ of participants reported the quality of materials and facilitation as ‘very high

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