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Need your team to be high performing sooner rather than later? We can facilitate team events to get everyone together and have some fun along the way. We do this using Team Management Systems.

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Aimed at leaders and teams - established or new managers and those facing changes and new challenges.

All management development is tailored to suit your needs. We will work with you to clarify the objectives – in other words identifying the tasks and behaviours required for people to be effective in their workplace roles. Then we design a single event or a modular programme to meet the objectives and your budget. All are interactive and participative, innovative, imaginative, enjoyable and get results. Working on real organisational issues is one of our specialities enabling successful transfer of learning to the workplace.

The most common management development topics in demand include:
The Leadership Role Leadership Styles/Models.
Personal Skills (including skills inventories, learning styles, leadership styles.)
Managing Change
Motivation (self, team, others).
The Nature of Teams.
Building, Managing and Maintaining High Performance Teams.
Assertive Communication.
Delegating Effectively.
Managing Performance.
Project Management.
Personal Development Planning.
Action Centred Learning
Creative Thinking.
It was challenging but never so uncomfortable you felt lost as the support and positive encouragement was brilliant.

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