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Getting the match between a coach and the client right, is the crucial first step of the coaching process. We know how difficult this can be and are always happy to have 'chemistry meetings' - short meetings where the client can select two coaches to meet and decide who they feel they will work most productively with.
To help get the matching right we have included 'Coaching Profiles' for all our coaches. This gives an insight into their unique background and approach to coaching.

KAY STEPHAN Kay is an experienced coach working with middle and senior managers facing a variety of situations - redundancy, role change, restructures, performance enhancement, loss of confidence and career moves. She is a warm and approachable person believing in the need to establish a positive coaching and working relationship. She has an unshakeable belief that everyone has something to offer.

Her approach is pragmatic and perceptive, with an ability to grasp the heart of an issue as well as the wider implications - working sensitively with people to achieve a clear picture of the next step.

BERNADETTE RAMSAY Bernie's approach to coaching is defined as a confidential conversation between two people who trust and respect each other. She believes that coaching works on the understanding that we all have the resources we need within us, but that we also need some outside support to help us access them and to facilitate our progress.

She will support and challenge you. She will act as your sounding board to discuss, ideas, options and possibilities. She will observe your current way of being and ask powerful and incisive questions to help you create new perspectives and access solutions. Taking time out to explore issues, plan goals and think aloud with a coach is a very powerful process. With Bernie, you will create some actions for you to practice between coaching sessions. Behaviour doesn?t change unless we develop new practices.

HARRY PUCKERING Harry's business background is in psychology, psychometrics, marketing, publishing, general management, training and HR. His relaxed and holistic approach often works best with middle management and specialist clients. He looks for people to be happy and fulfilled in work and life, and models this in his coaching sessions.

Harry is interested in bringing unconscious thought and action into consciousness. This means that while working to establish and maintain a genuine, empathic and positive relationship Harry will ask probing questions, listen very carefully to his client's answers, look for root causes and underlying themes and then present his thinking back to the client for further discussion.

Harry's aim is for his clients to return to their jobs more energised, engaged and able. His clients learn. They have fun. But, most importantly, they go back to work with a clear plan in mind to do something better.

DAVE BURTON Dave has a business/organisational development background and currently focuses his time conducting staff surveys along with coaching and mentoring for businesses via Business Link. He is a calm and considered person with a vast amount of experience at middle/senior manager level.

He works by gaining deep understanding of the situations a person faces and to explore the options open. His work in staff engagement gives a unique insight to the problems faced by managers, leading to practical, work-based discussions when coaching. In particular, he has success working with people:

  • Who need to manage the performance of others more successfully
  • Who are trying to pull their team together into a better-performing unit
  • Who are having to deal with change and find it challenging
  • Who are thinking through strategic changes to their department/organisation and wish to bounce ideas off someone external

    MAGGIE PEAKE Maggie has been asking people questions and listening carefully to the answers for over 25 years, while working as a consultant to organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors. She is skilled in facilitating and mediating and is not afraid to deal with conflict. Her background is in psychology, relationship counselling and training, and qualitative market and social research. She has provided empathic insights to many clients over the years.

    Maggie is calm and friendly, a deep thinker and a good listener. She is good at asking challenging questions in a non-threatening way. She believes that people already have choices, solutions and control of their lives but that they need the time and space to reflect and realise this.

    Maggie believes that relationships are at the heart of organisations and that work and outside lives cannot be separated. She understands that it is hard to sustain a lifestyle where happiness is not a priority. Maggie knows that it is important to find out about yourself to be truly happy.

    PHILIP JONES With a 15 year old career in relationship dynamics, training, coaching, organisational development and team building, Phil's track record includes work with clients across the private, public and voluntary sectors - including large concerns, SMEs, local and national charities and public sector organisations.

    A qualified and experienced coach, Philip's approach is based on the notion of finding out what his clients really want, what they are currently doing which is working and what would be the next step towards increased success. Philip has worked with clients to help them build confidence, manage performance and behaviour, deliver presentations, negotiate organisational change, cope with loss, develop new career pathways, many of the issues which face leaders and staff in all companies.

    Prior to this career, Philip worked in therapeutic social work with a particular focus on family therapy and individual and group work with adults and children.

    SUE NOBLE Sue's belief is that people have all the resources they need to be motivated to find their own solutions to most problems or issues. Her role as the coach is to help individuals to focus on their desired outcome, to view things from a wider perspective and to understand the blocks and barriers which may preventing them moving forward. Sue engages people by using a range of NLP and psychological techniques and therefore gaining new insight into their issues and problems. Her style has often been termed as 'warm authority'. Sue uses very similar techniques as a facilitator where she asks questions, encourages group discussion and helps the group make the important links between theory and practical application. Sue has experience of working at all levels including CEO and senior leaders. She is equally comfortable working with junior managers and aims to offer whichever group she is training or coaching a motivating experience which stretches their thinking and ways of working.

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