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Need your team to be high performing sooner rather than later? We can facilitate team events to get everyone together and have some fun along the way. We do this using Team Management Systems.

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I have worked with Jenny to improve my business performance as my role was changing rapidly, she asks perceptive questions, knows when to challenge and has been a lovely person to work with.

Coaching is the buzz-word in development today – with good reason as it gets positive and lasting results quickly! Working with people on a one-to-one basis we focus and work on the critical issues, changes and challenges facing them in their roles. These can be from a variety of examples - grooming for a higher profile role with more responsibility, supporting someone struggling in a particular aspect of their present job, managing changes within the organisation, lack of confidence or personal skills.

All our coaching is practical, skill based, individually tailored and results driven.

All Mirador coaches are qualified and experienced and most vital, we select and match the right coach to the right person. We will work with you to clarify exactly what the organisation and individual wants to achieve through using coaching as a development tool.

“Coaching is a collaborative solution-focussed, results-oriented and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance of the coachee.” Grant 2000

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