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Need your team to be high performing sooner rather than later? We can facilitate team events to get everyone together and have some fun along the way. We do this using Team Management Systems.

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Jenny has been wonderful at managing my expectations of the job market and matching my skills with a job I would enjoy.


Research has shown that job loss is high on the list of the most stressful life experiences. It is not only those facing redundancy that are affected but also those managing the process, breaking news to employees and managing people remaining after the change. Mirador offers practical and professional solutions for companies having taken the decision to reduce their workforce.

There is a range of services from which to select:

1. Breaking the News
A half day seminar for managers prior to telling their people. A further half day can be added aimed at managing those remaining after the changes.

2. Immediate Support
On a one or half-day basis, immediately after people have been told of their job loss so they can discuss their initial concerns in an objective, confidential and supportive environment.

3. Moving On
A 2 hour seminar, 2-3 days after the news has been delivered, explaining what people can do and what support is on offer.

4. Positive Steps - Get that job
1 or 2 day event equipping those having to find a To Get That Job new job with the appropriate skills in a volatile and demanding job market.

5. Positive Steps - One to one coaching
Working with individuals over a series of coaching One-to-One Coaching sessions helping them to make their next steps confidently and successfully. This may be to stay in the same industry/role or similar role/different industry or change their career to something completely different.

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